Tea Plantation Hotels

Tea Plantation Hotels

Sri Lanka is home to some of the lushest tea estates you can visit. Take your experience to the next level with an overnight stay at one of them! There are many beautiful hotels, colonial villas, lodges, and bungalows hidden amidst tea fields to choose from.

Sri Lanka offers plenty to the avid traveller with its romantic landscapes, verdant mountains, golden beaches, remarkable national parks, and, of course, lush tea gardens and tea plantations. Sri Lanka remains the fourth largest tea producer in the world, producing just under 350,000 tons of tea. In fact, around 17 percent of the world’s tea crop is grown on the island nation. With so many thriving tea plantations scattered across the country, it is little wonder that Sri Lanka is excellent for tea factory tours, tea plantation visits, and even tea estate vacations. If you’re looking for an unforgettable stay up in the hills, look no further.

Staying at a tea plantation offers a truly unique Sri Lankan experience. There is no better way to appreciate the country’s most precious crop. Staying at a tea plantation also gives you the chance to step right back into the 18th century, allowing you to choose from charming tea bungalows, converted tea factories, and even beautiful colonial-style homes to spend the night.

History of Tea in Sri Lanka

In 1824 a tea plant was brought to Ceylon by the British from China and was planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya for non-commercial purposes. … Commercial cultivation of tea commenced in Sri Lanka by the Scotsman, James Taylor. He arrived Sri Lanka in 1852 and settled down in Loolecondera estate in Kandy

the British and planted in the Royal Botanic Gardens for display. Over time, several more tea plants from other regions such as Calcutta and Assam in India were brought to the island. It was discovered that the humidity, rainfall, and cooling temperatures of the country’s central highlands provided the perfect climate to yield quality tea crops. Thus, began Ceylon’s foray into tea production, which very quickly surpassed the country’s coffee production. By the late 1880s, nearly all of Ceylon’s coffee plantations and coffee stores had been converted to tea plantations and tea factories.

Today, Sri Lanka remains one of the biggest exporters of tea. Even more impressive is its reputation for producing the cleanest teas in the world due to stringent pesticide restrictions. While Sri Lanka grows various types of tea, it is most famous for its Ceylon tea, prized for having a distinct aroma and delicious full-bodied flavour. Ceylon black tea is often the tea base of choice in breakfast tea blends

Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge-Madulkelle, Kandy

Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your room, you then open your front door to one of the most spectacular views imaginable – majestic mountains, lush green valleys and tea plantations, crystal clear streams and even the occasional deer or giant squirrel. Take a deep breath of the fresh air and pinch yourself – no, you’re not dreaming…

This is Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka offering a revolutionary and contemporary concept to the traditional warmth and hospitality that Sri Lanka is famous for.

Nestled on a picturesque tea plantation, on the Knuckles Mountain Range 1000 meters above sea level, Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge will treat travellers to magnificent views, top class facilities, friendly and courteous service and plenty of things to see and do.  https://www.madulkelle.com/


Clingendael located 30 minutes east of the ancient hill capitol Kandy is a typical example of the famous Sri Lankan architecture of stately homes which were built in Sri Lanka during the last 3 hundred years. Clingendael provides the experience to wonder back to the bygone days of Colonial Splendour and Über Luxury.

High in the rolling hills of Kandy, in the very heart of Sri Lanka, lies a hideaway of unparalleled privacy, colonial luxury and impeccable taste. Stepping through the entrance gateway, we are instantly entranced by the unparalleled view down to the house and the Knuckles Mountains beyond. A stone path leads us past the pretty spa, down through the gardens, under shady trees to stepping stones across a koi pond. Sweeping vistas of lush greenery and colourful tropical flowers at every turn. As though the hands of time have turned back, you are ushered into a bygone era. Clingendael is an ultra-luxury boutique hotel, which offers guests the best of both worlds: an intimate environment with bespoke service; and yet all the facilities of a much larger property. With only five luxury suites, accommodating up to twelve guests at a time, this exclusive retreat, is perfect for romantic escapes or larger social reunions.

Reservation contact property directly-click: https://www.theclingendael.com/

Taylors Hill-Kandy

A 19th Century’s English mansion located in the hill country of Kandy, chronicles The Ceylon Tea with its own indulgence offering an experiential luxury dwelling with incomparable boutique Concept. Extensive ventures within the premises compel the accommodation further to its concept.

Good Old English Dining Etiquettes with Authentic Sri Lankan Hospitality is served along with the finest creations of Western and Eastern recipes on the plate by our chefs. Mostly Organic & Country-side grown freshness will boost taste buds to limits where our supplies are from, Personalized fine-dining menus are at hand during the stay to spoil further! Various Dining locations at the Property will charm the experience like no other in its class.

Reservation contact property directly-click: https://taylorshill.lk/

The Oliphant - Luxury Bungalow in Nuwara Eliya

Spectacularly placed within tea gardens and mountains, The Oliphant Nuwara Eliya details the impressive features of a rustic English bungalow whilst catering to the needs the modern travellers. Nestled in Sri Lanka’s highest elevated village, Shanthipura, the bungalow is your home in the countryside.

Reservation contact property directly-click: www.amayaresorts.com/theoliphant/

Ceylon tea bungalow-Bandarawela

The Premier Luxury Boutique Hotel in The Eastern Hill Country. Ceylon Tea Bungalows – Bandarawela lies within the beautiful Hilpankandura Tea Estate on the Bandarawela – Welimada Road. The charming bungalow was previously used by the Estate Superintendent and is owned by the Wijetunga family.

The mountain scenery of the Eastern Hill Country contains arguably the most magnificent landscapes in the whole of Sri Lanka. From the famous Lipton’s Seat nearby, you can see the most breathtaking views in the whole of Sri Lanka. Horton Plains National Park contains amazing Cloud Forests with twisted dwarf trees, unique ferns and colourful rhododendrons leading to World’s End – a dramatic sheer drop of 3000 feet to the plains below.

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Rangala House - tea-planter’s bungalow-Knuckles Conservancy Region

Rangala House bungalow is a converted tea-planter’s bungalow offering top class accommodation in the Hill Country of Central Sri Lanka. Bungalow is located on the edge of the Knuckles Conservancy Region (World Heritage Site), just one hour from Kandy. “ The accommodation is elegant, stylish, just perfect. The old tea-planter’s bungalow has been updated very sympathetically to provide luxurious amenities in keeping with its past. The views are breathtaking.”

Reservation contact property directly-click: https://rangalahouse.com/

Heritance Tea Factory-Nuwara Eliya

Have you returned to 19th century Ceylon? …Possibly… A warm tea culture offers respite at the highest level in Sri Lanka.

Heritance Tea Factory Hotel is situated in the heart of the mountain range that gave the world pure Ceylon tea and was built in the days of the British Raj. Offering exclusive luxury at one of the loveliest honeymoon hotels Sri Lanka has to offer, the Superior Rooms at Heritance Tea Factory are truly special. Lovingly designed, the setting is cosy and intimate, and the views over the Hethersett plantation are extensive. Let the morning sun drift in and wake you, Champagne or a pot of Ceylon’s best brew from the estate outside: breakfast in bed

Reservation contact property directly-click: https://www.heritancehotels.com/teafactory/

The Glenrock, Luxury Nature Resort, Upstream Belihuloya

Nestled among the Horton Plains mountain range, the Adam’s Peak mountain range and the Rabbit Rock and hidden in the lush greenery of a sleepy mountainous farming village, the Glenrock Upstream Belihuloya sits serene on the glen of the virgin river Belihuloya that winds its way through the untouched nature reserve Horton Plains, roaring down thousands of feet through Baker’s Falls and Galagama Falls.

Handful of tucked-in-the-jungle luxury suites and cabanas and great many sweetly smothering natural features within its own boundaries such as fish therapy, water therapy on the river or in the natural pool, bird watching, concept-based community development activities, agriculture tourism, both western and village organic delicacies and traditional Sri Lankan treatment-based healing and immunity building wellness program, the Glenrock Upstream Belihuloya is a destination itself.

The Glenrock Upstream Belihuloya provides even more reasons to plan a feel-at-home long stay as it is a base to explore in a day trip, many a must-see Sri Lankan attraction such as the Horton Plains, World’s End, Adam’s Peak, Ella, Nine Arch Bridge, Haputale, Nuwara Eliya, the tea country, famous up country train trip and the Udawalawe Elephant National Park. the Glenrock Upstream Belihuloya is the nature surrender your mind, body and the soul has secretly longed for long.

Guests can explore the range of in-hotel activities at the Glenrock that will complement the splendour of your stay.

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Don Diogu Villa-Wellawaya

The surrounding 300 acres now supporting paddy and coconut plantations were once a battle-ground to hundreds of soldiers fighting for the Kandyan King.  The Portuguese Governor Dom Constantine De Saa marched to Badulla with an army of 7,000, destroying centuries-old Buddhist temples and villages.  The forces of the Kandyan Maha Asthana Prince (crown Prince) retaliated, forcing the Portuguese to retreat and suffer death by sword.  De Saa and the Portuguese army were decimated at this battleground.

Many village names stem from translations of “soldiers camp-out”, “dead bodies in paddy fields”, and serve as historic monuments in the district.  Wellawaya is steeped in history dating back to the 3rd century BC.

 This is a working plantation area is famous for two of the most commercially viable products in Sri Lanka – Rice paddy and Coconut, and home to many fruits and spices.  The wild gardens of pepper, jack and breadfruit, mahogany, teak, olives, oranges (to name a few), lead down to a private rocky river. There are huge beautiful Kumbuk trees on the river banks and rocks in the middle of the river on which to sit and cool your toes.

Enjoy spring-water swimming or boat down-stream admiring the vibrant bird life.  Watch- huts and benches lie next to the river and 58 species of bird have been identified, including Kingfishers, Barbets and the Ceylon Flycatcher.  Explore the Poonagala Mountain Range and the surrounding jungle by foot or mountain bikes.  You’ll meet wild elephants, elk and wild boar en route.  Waterfalls cascade all around and frequently provide excellent dipping pools.

Real Sri Lankan living, history and active expeditions fill your days, but that is not all.  In the evening you can recline in easy chairs on the spacious roof terrace and enjoy a night sky unpolluted by city lights.  Ideal for families, retired couples and birdies who don’t want chintz but wish to see a bit of the “real Sri Lanka”

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