ResortSriLanka.com, we believe that tourism enhances the quality of life of Sri Lankans and enriches the lives of visitors. Our mission is to influence supply and build demand for the benefit of locals, communities and visitors through leading research, alignment with public and private sectors, and marketing Resort Sri Lanka nationally and abroad.

Knowing that diversity is our greatest asset, we promote Sri Lanka as an all-season leisure and business tourism destination around the country and world.

Destination Research by ResortSrilanka.com

The Sri Lankan visitor economy is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that research is required to guide our collective response so we can make evidence-based decisions.

The Sri Lankan tourism authority, https://www.sltda.gov.lk/en  regularly provides intelligence, tools and insights to partners-equipping them to optimize their business and maximize their reach. As a result of COVID-19, this work is needed more than ever.

The research below will quantify the impacts of COVID-19 on an ongoing basis-check back often for updated products. It will help us understand when recovery will start and how effectively and quickly, we are recovering to inform our go-forward marketing. It also seeks to understand the non-quantifiable effects, such as structural changes in tourism and lasting changes in consumer preferences.

This information will inform evidence-based decisions throughout all three phases of Response, Recovery and Resilience.

Navigating to the New Normal

We are in uncharted territory as we navigate through the first global pandemic to occur in the age of the smartphone and heightened connectivity. As the destination marketing and research organization for Sri Lanka, we have a responsibility to mitigate the impact to our visitor economy through our response and proactive recovery planning.

We are taking a phased approach of Response, Recovery and Resilience. Our COVID-19 Research will inform each of these phases.

We do not know how COVID-19 will unfold. We do not know how long or how deep its impacts will be. But we do know we live in a beautiful country with cultures we cherish and communities we must protect. We have an incredible brand and a resilient industry that can overcome just about anything when we pull together. We must remain positive, pragmatic, and empathetic to the very real, very human things people are going through right now. We can do this. And we will come out the other side braver, smarter, and stronger. Let’s show what we mean by epic Sri Lanka.

About the Founder

Faz Razeen – member of the HCIMA, member of the British Association of Hospitality Accountants. Worked in senior management capacities within major brand hotel companies, based in both London and Europe. Graduated from the Westminster College, London SW1 completed HND in hotel management.

Professional Background

I am a highly experienced dedicated and decisive operator for both large and small scale, single and multiple sites operations. Formerly managing director of VisitLondonHotels.com. Adept at working in a target driven, customer-focused sales and marketing environment, applied flawless quality and structured approach to achieve multiple objectives within stipulated timescales.  Highly responsive to changes, with the flexibility to move seamlessly between responsibilities, swiftly absorbing, strategically devising and effectively communicating new initiatives. Responsible at visitlondonhotels.com for executing the marketing plans. Facilitated an active relationship with hotels/restaurants and attractions in the UK and Europe. Established to develop strategies, programs, and policies to promote tourism and hotel booking take-up. Develop and implement a tourism marketing plan for the UK and European market working closely with individual hotels, hotel groups to hospitality agencies. Plan new research-based advertising strategies for current and subsequent years that will increase leisure travel and travel trade market share. Develop relationships with national, international and regional tourism-based publications and writers, tours operators and travel agents.